Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an emergency line?

We have 1 phone number that owners can call at any time on any day (24/7). We use an answering service for after-hours and weekend calls, but for emergencies they are able to forward calls to our personal cell phones.

Are you insured?

Yes we carry $2,000,000 professional liability insurance with Lloyd’s of London through AON Reed Stenhouse brokerage.

When do you take on new clients?

We find that making the switch closer to the fiscal year end makes the most sense and presents the smallest opportunity for confusion, however this isn’t a requirement. We like to limit taking on new clients to the months of September 1st through to April 30th.  The summer months (May, June, July and August) are typically busier for projects that need to be completed in the summer. We want to devote as much time as we can towards our current clients.

Do you only work with certain contractors/businesses?

We are not exclusive with any contractors, although we have found some that we enjoy doing business with and who provide an excellent level of service. If, however you have someone who you like or who has experience, we are always open to working with new people, especially if they have experience in a particular area that ensures quality service for you.

Do you charge extra for services?

We like to outline with the board of directors what services they would like, and we typically want to include as many services in the final management fee so you don’t feel like you are being nickel and dimed each month. However, some services are outside the scope of regular management, and for those we charge a reasonable hourly fee that is agreed upon with the board of directors.

Can I rent an apartment from you?

Yes, We have rentals in both North & South Regina. Call the rental line at  306-775-0100 for more details.